About Me

Hello there! 
My name is Nicole and I am the owner/artist of this online shop!
It was clear to me since I was a little girl that I had a heart for creating. Everything I surround myself with comes from my love of bright colors.
I believe every space needs a pop of color, that being outside is the best place to be, that artwork is a way to make the special things in life last forever, and that giving a gift is always better than receiving.  
Each collection is inspired by my favorite moments in life. Flowers are my greatest inspiration whether it’s a garden, wildflowers, or a homemade bouquet. I fell in love with cows when I moved to Kansas (Kansas State University alma mater & where I met my amazing husband) and landscapes capture the places I have journeyed in life, whether on a walk down the street, or a trip around the world.
My hope is that you will find joy in every piece you bring into your home & you love the painting as much as I have loved creating it for you.  
Your Artist & Friend,
Nicole May Lesher