What Are Fine Art Prints?

What are fine art prints? | Art for sale | blog news | Nicole May Lesher
Fine Art Prints are professional photographs of original paintings printed on a paper of the artists' choosing, typically cotton paper. Prints by Nicole May Lesher are first shipped to her, varnished for protection & to ensure longevity, then shipped directly to you, the customer!

The benefits of purchasing prints: 

  • Prints are a more affordable option to purchasing artwork 
  • Customers have the option of selecting their own size 
  • Customers can choose how they are displayed
  • Prints can be matted or framed as is 
  • Customers can select their own frame for the artwork 
  • Prints are a great gift for a friend or family member 
  • Prints allow you to purchase more pieces from your beloved artist 
  • Customers can purchase multiple pieces and create a collage out of them 
  • Customers can purchase multiple of their favorite painting! 

Fine Art Prints Are Not: 

  • Original, one of a kind paintings 
  • Hand Painted 

I hope you enjoy shopping my new prints collection in the Nicole May Lesher online shop! Contact me at info@nicolemaylesher.com with any questions or special requests!