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Wedding Bouquet Painting | Nicole May Lesher

As we head into wedding season here in Maine, I can't help but think about all the beautiful floral designs & wedding bouquets brides pick out for their special day! One of my favorite memories from my wedding was shopping for my florals. I had the privilege of hand picking each individual flower as I watched the whole wedding day design come together. 

A wedding bouquet encompasses all the elements of the wedding day. It showcases the overall design of the wedding, the formality of the celebration, the color choices, theme, and most importantly, the personality of the bride herself. 

A sad reality though of choosing real flowers for your wedding flowers is the longevity of the arrangement. They simply don't last as long as we wish they would... and let's be honest, most want them to last a lifetime. Knowing this, many people have created small businesses to preserve your bouquet for many years to come. Some choose to press the bouquet, hang dry it, photograph it, or encapsulate it in resin. I personally have always dreamt about painting my bouquet to cherish on my wall in my own home for years to come. I haven't quite had the opportunity to do so just yet, but that's because I have had others come to me with the exact same idea! 

Wedding bouquet paintings are a very popular commission request of mine. The very first bouquet commission I received was last summer from a dear friend of mine. I had the pleasure of painting her sunflower bouquet, gathered together with a handkerchief of a loved one. I am painting another bouquet for a friend as we speak and it is such a pleasure! I love hearing about the clients' wedding day, the colors they wore, the flowers they chose, how dressed up they were, and of course, hearing the fun stories from their big day. 

I could painting wedding bouquets all day, every day! Contact me if you would like to commission me to paint your bridal bouquet. I can't wait to hear from you! 


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