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The 2020 Summer Collection

The 2020 Summer Collection is a bright and colorful group of paintings created for those who wish Summer would never come to an end! From enjoying farm fresh flowers, to beach days with friends, to sailing away on the coast of Maine, to doing all the tourist things, enjoying evening gatherings with friends and morning gatherings with family, summer days are the best days! "Harbor Walk" 16"x20"  "Evening Gathering"  24"x30" "To New Memories"  16"x20" "Summer Blooms"  8"x8" "Beachin"  6"x6" "Morning Gathering"  11"x14" 

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"Rooted In Christ"

  A few years ago, before I started my art business, my mother-in-law requested a painting for her pediatric occupational therapy clinic in Kansas. I was extremely flattered and excited, but was waiting for the right time to work on the request and wrap my mind around the idea.  Jump ahead to this year, when I started my business, I found myself with some unexpected time, as have most people during the year 2020. Anyhow, I reached out to Deana again to ask her for more details on her vision to try and understand what exactly she was looking for. She followed up with the below:  ROOTED In God's Word. Deana's words were: "Roots are the foundation of growth and...

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What Are Fine Art Prints?

Fine Art Prints are professional photographs of original paintings printed on a paper of the artists' choosing, typically cotton paper. Prints by Nicole May Lesher are first shipped to her, varnished for protection & to ensure longevity, then shipped directly to you, the customer! The benefits of purchasing prints:  Prints are a more affordable option to purchasing artwork  Customers have the option of selecting their own size  Customers can choose how they are displayed Prints can be matted or framed as is  Customers can select their own frame for the artwork  Prints are a great gift for a friend or family member  Prints allow you to purchase more pieces from your beloved artist  Customers can purchase multiple pieces and create...

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