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7 Reasons Why Commission Paintings are the Best!

Commission paintings are one of my absolute favorite things to create in my studio. The neat thing about painting a commissioned painting is that I already know the home in which it is going before I start in on it and it helps me know my customers in a deeper way, which I really enjoy. Thoughtfulness Each piece has a lot of thought behind the request. Whether you are buying it for yourself to decorate your new home or for a loved one’s birthday or a friend for Christmas, you have given a lot of thought to this gift you are giving or receiving. I applaud you for this & I am truly honored to be a part of this...

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What Type of Commission Paintings Do You Create?

I create more variety of commission pieces than I have collections for on my online shop. Here are just some of my ideas for commissioned paintings that I would love to create for you! Wedding bouquet painting A flower arrangement you received from a loved one Your grandma’s favorite flowers Your garden An image from a vacation Your wedding venue Your church Your home Your pet Barnyard animals for your baby’s nursery A cow painting for your farmhouse dining room A place you have always wanted to travel to The location where your child took their first steps Your backyard Your favorite beach Mountains from your favorite hike Your favorite flowers for your fireplace mantel Your baby’s heartbeat (echocardiogram) The...

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What is a Commission?

A commission is when you request the creation of artwork. Anyone can request a piece of artwork, whether you are an individual or business owner. Typically, an individual or business seeks out an artist whose work they greatly admire in both color choices & style. When you request a special piece of art to be created for you, you are able to choose the content & other design aspects of the piece.

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