Sunny & 70 With A Chance Of Rain

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What’s your favorite forecast?

Mine comes from my favorite day. The day I married my best friend, surrounded by my nearest and dearest, at a place I love.

I hear my bridesmaids quietly enter my suite, tiptoeing around and crawling into my king size bed to wake me up so I can experience every minute of the day ahead. One friend lay next to me, stroking my hair, reading verses to me so I could have my quiet time and to gently coerce my eyes into opening up for the day. Another has me look out the floor-to-ceiling windows where the Maine coast sunrise fog is rolling over the balcony creating a fond curiosity of what the day would have in store.

The day called for sunny & 70 with a chance of rain.

I was up for whatever the day had to bring as it was not my making, but the Lord’s, and I was so excited to see what lay ahead for the festivities of the day. After taking fun pictures with my bridesmaids and breathing in the cool morning ocean air, I started into my morning wedding day routine. Soon after, I was called upstairs where I was greeted with mimosas, cinnamon rolls and a fruit buffet. I brought my breakfast into the parlor of the weekend-rented extravagant seaside mansion where the girls started in on morning preparations. I looked out over the bay and the clouds were rolling in the distance with the sun illuminating the ceremony location and reception space.

My wedding day went on as most would expect – ceremony, cocktail hour, family photos, food service and dancing. Our reception ended right around sunset… the same moment when the clouds in the distance brought rain over the ocean and spared my new husband and I and all our guests. The rain created a rainbow in the distance. Miraculous. I prayed for a rainbow on my wedding day… It’s probably not something most would think to wish for as they plan their wedding, but as someone who had worked at this beautiful venue for a couple of years, I knew that rainbows were not unheard of on wedding days throughout the Spring and Summer months. I was showered with love on my unforgettable wedding day by not only those around me, but by the creator of heaven and earth. The day that was crafted for me will always be my favorite day.

Sunny & 70 with a chance of rain.