7 Reasons Why Commission Paintings are the Best!

Reasons Why Commission Paintings are the best | Nicole May Lesher | Artist | Blog | News

Commission paintings are one of my absolute favorite things to create in my studio. The neat thing about painting a commissioned painting is that I already know the home in which it is going before I start in on it and it helps me know my customers in a deeper way, which I really enjoy.


Each piece has a lot of thought behind the request. Whether you are buying it for yourself to decorate your new home or for a loved one’s birthday or a friend for Christmas, you have given a lot of thought to this gift you are giving or receiving. I applaud you for this & I am truly honored to be a part of this special request!


Whether you are requesting a painting of a landscape, floral design, animals or a building, there is a meaning behind why you chose that image to be turned into a painted piece of art. The landscape you chose may be the place where you and your loved one got married, had your first date or where you walked the beach with your family many summers back. Maybe you requested a painting of your favorite kind of flower for your new home, or a painting of your wedding bouquet so it can live on forever within your home. Maybe you are expecting a baby and you have a barnyard animal themed nursery. Maybe you are completely obsessed with your pet and want them to live forever. Whatever the request is, there is always a special meaning behind what you chose to be painted. This meaning is what I love. I love your stories & learning more about you as a person. It helps me make it extra special for you!

Choose Your Color Palette

Did you know that you can request your favorite colors or the hues that you think go best in the space this painting is going in your home? Send me color swatches, a picture of your space, or any other inspiration you may have for this painting & I will incorporate your color choices!

Choose Your Size

You can also choose your painting size! Whether you want a mini painting (6”x6”) or a large painting over your fireplace mantel or your California king bed, I can order the size that’s best for you, even if it’s not a size I regularly offer in my shop! If you have no idea what size is best for your space, let me know and I can help you calculate the perfect size.

Choose Your Material

I paint mostly on stretched canvas, but I also paint on canvas paper, wood canvas and other material ideas are welcome!

Time is of the Essence

Do you like planning ahead as much as I do? You can contact me months before you move into your new space, weeks before your friend’s birthday or even a year before Christmas & I will work with the timing you give me!

Half & Half

When you purchase a commission painting, unlike buying other artwork, you have the option of paying half down upon order and half upon shipment. This way you can spread your payments out in a timely manner that may assist you with this kind of purchase.


Well, there you have it! The 7 reasons why I think commission paintings are the best! I hope this helps answer any questions you may have about painting requests & shares a unique value that commission paintings hold.

I hope to hear from you soon with your next painting idea! Contact me here for your first Nicole May Lesher commission request!